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    I have to push the guitar project back even further due to insurance, gas, and making payments. And then upgrading parts on the car.
    Why haven't I added you yet? Oh well, I sent you a request. Congratulations on being one of coolest mods here! =D
    Unfortnately, I won't be able to begin working on it until mid to late summer after I quit my job and I won't be able to do that until I get the 3000gt vr4 that I have been saving up for. Then I will apply for a job at UPS during the summer where I will hopefully have enough free-time to build the guitar and will be paid better than what I'm being paid right now and I will keep that job for at least 6 years.
    Don't worry, as soon as I start building it, I will start a thread and have progress photos.
    *Sees pics of your new guitar, dies from awesomeness overload* Damn that guitar is sexy. It just makes me even more anxious for when I build my new custom guitar.
    You are the only one who understands <3

    also why didn't those gifs embed seriously
    I saw this on the front page and was briefly confused
    HAY GUY! Ever listen to Ludicra before? Just got their newest and unfortunately final LP "The Tenant". Proggy, Blackened, Crusty metal. Check dem out.
    Awww, how come we can't have threads about what a horrible furson I am?
    Thank you for taking care of that issue a little earlier. I appreciate it for the OP's sake.
    Is your avatar supposed to be a shout out to the cover of "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven"?
    Still good over here. You're the first to notice the style.
    I'm waitiing for my first 'What da *fug* are you _doing_!?'

    But not as polite as that. We'll see.

    Going column-style, and writing like that, means it's
    easier and hyper-fast to read. Or supposed to be.

    Could work? We'll see that too. And I remain,

    Returning you to your reguarly scheduled firestorm (ie., the merger thread) already in progress,

    Fred Brown.
    'This post reads like prog metal lyrics'

    Really? Not at all an uncool thing to say, IMHO.
    I'll read it as compliment (until told otherwise).

    Journalism-syle writing; haven't used it in
    nearly ten years. I either use it on FA and FAF
    or I'm total-f***ed.

    And I remain,

    Trying that post as lyrics, <Crang! Clash! Crunch!> Oh wait, these are my bagpipes, lemme get my guitar, :- )

    Fred Brown.
    Quite so!
    Perhaps I should get on the issue of people who judge your worth by post count, too.
    addennnssssssss get on msn so we can listen to the new unexpect togetherrrrr ]:
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