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Aerius Sygale
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  • Nothing much, a friend helped me download a hack for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that gave like 300 new character skins and a total of 70 stages o3o
    Good news, and I'm sorry I didn't tell ya sooner o3o
    I no longer need to get poked or get IVs since Wednesday :D
    Good news and Bad news o3o
    Good News- got all the IVs out of my arms
    Bad News- I now have to get poked every time I need factor >.< I'm secretly mentally freaking out
    Yeah, except I still have IVs for at-home doses, and I felt like passing out just from the IV getting cleaned... :(
    I *might* have had internal bleeding, I still don't remember anything from Monday night other than waking up in the ER o.o' All I remember hearing was I passed out in my bathroom o3o then I woke up with 3 IV's in my arms and getting a few pokes in my wrist(Which didn't help me cause I'm a needlephobe DX)
    Well my favorite pokemon in order are Luxray, Lucario, Beartic, Excadrill, and then Pangoro o3o
    Sorry for late reply, I had to be hospitalized and just got back home today o3o
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