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    The Internet: friend or foe?

    That's a good question... As of now - mostly good. But one day it may become self-aware and could turn on us. That is actually considered by many computer scientists to be a very likely possibility one day..... The Internet is also a bad thing when it is abused by governments to spy on people...
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    Dragonet.net is a fantasy/ Scalie- themed site, it is essentially brand new. It has just a few members, and almost no user uploaded content yet. Its forum is pretty advanced program-wise, and the site has an instant message/chatroom area for anyone to use. *Dragonet is also one of the first of a...
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    Mental health issues in the furry community higher than the average population?

    I have heard about ASD and autism prevalence. As well other social anxiety issues. It may be because it is difficult for for these people to relate to people as well, so they gravitate towards non-human art.
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    Adult Add on Main Site

    Why is everyone so mad ? Adult sites need to promote themselves too. Does it really affect your lives THAT much? users complain too much and hate on admins. It is not easy running FA, so they provide income for the site..
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    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    If I could be my fursona....yeah. No question. :)
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    Changed the note system ???

    I really do not like how we can disable notes to our profile. Like the just themselves out ! Plus the FA staff worked hard to program that, it should be used. I think this is recent change, But even if it was not, it should be so that is not an option. :-(
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    Fursuit bodysuit questions!

    That is a good question. But I think most suits are made basically the same way, (from what I have seen) There is no "Standard method" to make one, but there are those who know how to make them very well. Sadly, I have little variety in the "structure" of a fur suit. I say, if you think you can...
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    The language thread for languages

    I never really took note of what languages fellow furries speak. Most of us are pretty well educated, so it makes sense that a fair number of us would learn some additional ones. Personally, I find linguistics fascinating, and It is very easy for me to learn languages. Currently, I can speak 5...
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    Who actually "owns" FAU?

    Forgive me if anything like this this was asked /answered already elsewhere- if it was, I am not aware of it. I was wondering, since the deal with IMVU, who actually "owns", organizes and pays for the FAU convention? This is Furaffinitys' con, so if it is affiliated with FA, what -if any...
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    Research Project on the Communitty

    1) Being a furry means to me personally that I am part of a unique fandom with very friendly and members. It provides an outlet for self expression and socializing. Very simply, it is an animal/anthro art-based fandom. 2) I think being a member entails a few things; (A) acknowledging one is a...
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    Anyfur play Magic The Gathering

    I do !!! :) Mainly casual, and commander. My favorite color combo is Bant :)!
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    Who Has ESP?

    Re: Who Has ESP? No need to be complete asshole. The again..... You are a brony. Not the brightest group out there..... What do you actually know about neurological processes? i am guessing little-to none.
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    Who Has ESP?

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    Who Has ESP?

    ESP : Extra Sensory Perception This just means obtaining information with an ability beyond that of the five senses. Abilities that fall under ESP can be both ( natural ) and ( supernatural) , having ESP does not mean you have to have only certain types of skills, but here are some of the most...
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    Politics of Politicing

    Yeah... The overwhelming majority of furries lean left. I think it has to do with a mass-false perception of liberals being more open to civil rights and freedom. When the reality, is that party constantly develops legislation, and institutions that do the complete opposite. (IE; limits...