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  1. Ahkrin Descol

    Are you Asexual, and what does it mean to you?

    I can definitely sympathise with the awkwardness once a relationship kicks off. I just ended a 3 1/2 year relationship due to my feelings only going as far as caring for the other immensely, sadly it wasn't reciprocated at that level alone. I think anyone that's asexual has that 'am I a...
  2. Ahkrin Descol

    How do people decide on a fursona

    Of the animals you like, does your personality/behaviour align with the stereotype of said animals? Always a good starting point.
  3. Ahkrin Descol

    What's your desk like.

    Now my X52 Pro feels cheap :s Although the excessive amount of hats/buttons is handy for Elite.
  4. Ahkrin Descol

    Would it help or hurt the fandom if it was popular in the mainstream?

    I imagine a lot of elitism would occur from the 'old' crowd and a fair amount of insecure people looking for general social acceptance would join as a means of being tolerated (and fail). Other than that, it'd be nice to not have to keep quiet about it (my area's open minded but I've yet to...
  5. Ahkrin Descol

    Unwanted Sexual Attention in the Fandom

    I wouldn't give them one label, although perhaps chances are some/ most are as you say. I was mostly curious as to why you said that, not to attack you.
  6. Ahkrin Descol

    Video games

    Been playing the crap out of Elite Dangerous: Horizons lately with a hotas, great fun ^_^
  7. Ahkrin Descol

    Unwanted Sexual Attention in the Fandom

    Quite the blanket statement.
  8. Ahkrin Descol

    Unwanted Sexual Attention in the Fandom

    Where have you been getting these requests from/ meeting these people? I've never had any such problem.
  9. Ahkrin Descol

    What is the One musical genre that you say you hate the most?

    Scream-ridden metal... completely ruins the instrument playing
  10. Ahkrin Descol

    Any Mass Effect fans out there?

    Don't see why there wouldn't be, got to have a to-the-point meat shield right? xD
  11. Ahkrin Descol

    Any Mass Effect fans out there?

    At least it'll have new characters to learn about, rather than just developing older ones. There better be a Turian I like in it or I won't be pleased. xD
  12. Ahkrin Descol

    Any Mass Effect fans out there?

    Ah, good ol' ME. My recent ex used to always say I reminded her of Garrus. I've been keeping myself away from trailers so it's completely fresh when I get it, but I can't wait either.
  13. Ahkrin Descol

    What's your desk like.

    @Sarcastic Coffeecup Damn, nice hotas. That the warthog?
  14. Ahkrin Descol

    What would happen if animals started talking

    Just because they could talk doesn't mean they'd have much to say, and perhaps even no interest in doing so. Although a dog asking me for walks incessantly like that Simpsons episode would be quite annoying xD
  15. Ahkrin Descol

    Favorite Video game platform?

    PC simply because it's capable of doing more. I do have many fond memories of the PS2 though. PC is more hassle, but more payoff imo Replying to mzfantic, I'd have to say Dark Souls if that's RPG enough to qualify. Failing that, Guild Wars 1.