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    Guys, the internet as we know it may be coming to an end if FOSTA gets signed into law and Trump signs it. FOSTA is Ex Post Defacto meaning that it will make legal acts illegal and retroactively assessing fines, penalties and jail time. In short, congress is gutting section 230 of the...
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    RIP Albert Temple

    FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCKKITY FUCK!!!!! With a heavy heart, I come to announce that Albert Temple, the artist behind the webcomic Gene Catlow was found dead at his home on 3/9/2017 at around 2320. Any further details can be found in the following journal link: Horrible News: Farewell Gene...
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    Furry murder

    Now I have to see those two articles just for the laughs
  4. Ainoko

    Furry murder

    Sadly I think the number of soldiers going haywire is fairly high, but I can't find the statistics that shows the overall numbers. This is one area that is seriously underreported and understudied.
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    Furry murder

    This may have relevance in this thread: www.ocregister.com: No charges are filed Tuesday against 17-year-old girl in triple homicide in Fullerton but according to the OC Register, Katherine Yost is NOT getting charged with murder of her parents and family friend. As only the OC Register is the...
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    Furry murder

    During my time serving in the Army, I witnessed a few fellow soldiers and friends get dishonorable discharges for becoming conscientious objectors. In all honesty, what needs to be done (but never will) is to help soldiers reintegrate back into society by putting them through counseling to help...
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    Furry murder

    Looks like Entey posted on his facebook four days before the he might be assisiting someone with a murder. www.ocregister.com: Suspect in Fullerton triple homicide discussed potential involvement in murder on Facebook
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    Just my own two bits on this issue...

    There is one issue here, the exploit that was used, ImageTragick, is used by many other websites. The question is, how many of those sites have got the patched version of the software, and how many sites have not installed the patch. I know a few people in the IT industry and what happened to FA...
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    Something kind of funny about this downtime

    I agree, that is a can of worms that doesn't need to opened.
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    Something kind of funny about this downtime

    The longest I have seen the site down was about 5-6 years ago when the site was offline for over a month during the cub porn scandal.
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    Site's lagging horribly

    Same here
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    Bug/Site Problem: Site Support and FAQ

    Getting this as well
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    Download server lagging?

    Having the same issues here as well, images taking up to 3 minutes to load at times
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    Unable to fave art from deceased FA members

    Faving also help show people an artists work, even giving them exposure after they have left us, helping others remember them