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    Being an otter means...

    I would like to point out that the "So otters are sluts?" thread has 9 replies, while the "So foxes are sluts?" thread has 1255 replies. What could possibly be the reason for this? :P
  2. Akitagami

    Being an otter means...

    Pffttt...we're like foxes 2.0! Also graceful in the water and can catch you a fresh sushi dinner. Let's see a fox do that!
  3. Akitagami

    Being an otter means...

    Or perhaps foxes are otter wannabes?
  4. Akitagami

    In a multispecies furryverse, which species should stay anthro and which feral?

    As otters are usually depicted as avid lovers of fish and sushi, I can only assume that these anthro fish will attempt to dine on otters in retribution. Gather, my otter brethren, so that we may dispatch this most dire threat!
  5. Akitagami

    Being an otter means...

    When I put this question up on a journal in my FA account, the consensus (from a mostly otter audience) was that otters are happy-go-lucky, cute, playful, aqua-foxes.
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    Being an otter means...

    Hey everyone! Fair or not, people will hold stereotypes based on the species of one's chosen avatar. Among the better known stereotypes are that wolves are dommy, foxes are slutty, and horses are size queens. What comes to mind when you see an otter? Dommy? Subby? Outgoing? Reserved? What otter...
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    In a multispecies furryverse, which species should stay anthro and which feral?

    Fish would be awesome as anthros! They could wear reverse scuba gear and eat sushi made of land creatures :p
  8. Akitagami

    Furry World Question

    Of course the idea of carnivores eating some sort of meat in a furry world just leads us to fantasy speculation and every artist creates their own version of things. I believe that Blotch, for example, states that in their world, bugs, fish, birds, and certain sea-mammals are non-sentient and...
  9. Akitagami

    Underage User Posting Porn YCH

    Well, if it's posted here, it kinda forces FA's hand to get it resolved, since this can potentially be a pretty serious issue (as long as it's also submitted as an official TT). This is probably a bit more important than the "my icon isn't showing up right because I didn't read the instructions"...
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    What kind of otter is Bayshore?

    From Blotch's Dog's Days of Summer. I was just curious if anybody had any idea. And don't say "cute" because that's already obvious XP http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1897467/ Otter Species: http://www.otterspecialistgroup.org/Species.html
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    Otter Stereotypes

    What stereotypes are associated with otter characters in the fandom? I was just curious, seeing as there are comparitively few compared to the number of wolves, foxes, and big cats out there.
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    Super duper orgy scene - wanna be in it?

    Oh, can get in on this? Refs are in my sig.
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    26 pictures

    Can I take H for Horse? Refs are in my sig. ^^
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    Do you think you could do a bust of my horse? Refs are in my signature.
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    Offering Request's

    Do you think you could try your hand at drawing my horse in a Christmas getup?