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    (Commission) Selling: $16-20 Rendered Icons Commissions!

    Hi guys! Im here to offer this type of Icon commissions. I can draw any species of furry,feral and human. I only accept Paypal as payment method :) If youre interested in this type of commission menssage me on my furaffinity or tumblr! Characters belongs to: me and Rosely Fey Young...
  2. Akitobang

    How many trans furries are on the forum

    We are in the same ''boat'' basically. I'm passing the same stuff w/ my family, and acting like ''everything is fine'' to them is f*cking tiring me up, I just wanted to be myself without having fear of sh*t. They pretend that there's nothing happening to me, and pretends thats Im not LGBTQ+, and...
  3. Akitobang

    How many trans furries are on the forum

    I'm Non-Binary! Still didn't start my transition bc my family has no idea of what I am, and I know that they are not goint to be supportives w/ me. Probably going to start some kind of transition after I live alone.
  4. Akitobang

    Too old to enter the fandom?

    No one is too old to appreciate art! Furry art ins't something that just popped out recently, it is appreciated and reproduced since decades ago, so I dont think there's something like ''age limits'' for liking this kind of media ;)