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    502 error?! O.o

    so much for this t-shirt, then...
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    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I've been doing nothing but soul calibur and rock band for 2 1/2 days straight. Well, that and work. Wired. Going to gym tomorrow morning. Underwater endurance training. God, I'm fat. When are my classes starting back up? No sleep no FA make akun go something something...
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    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    well, I work in the industry full of pushed back release dates (guess which one...) so I am totally used to this kind of fun... Rest up guys, you've got a lot of jizz to help release!
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    Two Weeks to Break a Habit....

    I've been left to masturbate to these thread posts instead :( That way, it's like "practice" for the real FA.