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  • Yeah, we kind of stopped going because my stepdad (who took it with me) had "back issues" or something. >>
    I tried to find something witty for an avatar, it works.
    Im doing some photoshop work and got 2l litres of coffee in a plastic bottle.
    I aint sleeping tonight.
    I only went two days a week. :3 Yeah, I'm no good at number crunching. And hi there, person below me! :D Actually sandwiched between. o_O
    Actually, I don't even think it was a full yellow. It was what they called a "yellow tip", where they wrapped colored tape around the end of a white belt.
    Boy, would I like to get back into Tae Kwon Do... but I'm too poor at the moment. xD
    I'd have been a black belt YEARS ago if I'd stuck with it. What are you doing now?
    And it's utterly horrible. Damn kids.
    I actually have always been interested in bears! where I live you see them all the time. I even followed one in my car.. he was just walking down the middle of the street, minding his own business. I personally chose a bear because I know they are independent and protective of their own kind. :) pandas in particular, because they are very peaceful creatures.

    also working on an alt, as a hyena. we will see how it goes.
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