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  • Yeah, I figured you'd pass out by then. It's okay though, I really enjoyed last night! ^^ I look forward to next week. =3

    Love you! ;)
    DYLAN! I'm home today! They cancelled my shift because a friend of mine (god bless her heart) took over my shift so I could catch a bit of sleep. ^_^ Anyway, I'm on for another 6 hours! Call me, m'kay? S=)
    Which part confuses you?

    I'm guessing it's the blue thing coming from the mouth. It's suppose to be a phantom hand, holding a broken sword. A common theme in my dreams.
    Hey Hun! Just wanted to say this just in case we don't get to talk during the 3 days I'll be working.
    I love you so much. And I can't wait to hear your voice again. (=3
    I was actually pretty okay with the whole sex dungeon thing because you know, whatever, I wasn't busy
    That's how he lures you in, and then BAM! You're locked in his sex dungeon in Chile being fed nothing but chicken and whiskey.
    Chicken doesn't even GO with whiskey.
    There ain't enough money in the world to get me to try doin' something like that.
    I can already say that Corto has some heavily repressed homosexual feelings for me, though.
    Psychology, actually. I tried Comp Sci as a minor and I am hilariously bad at coding. End goal is Psychiatry, so bring on the GAMSAT bitches
    Yeah, it gets pretty expensive. I don't understand how people can justify spending multiple thousands going to like 5 cons a year or something.
    I was a shipping coordinator, but that was like a year and a half ago almost. I had an engineering internship over the summer and I have a desk job at college, which eats most of my time nowadays.

    As for cons, I go to AC, but no other cons are close enough to be feasible for me. That and they don't happen all the time. I was talking about day to day downtime, not like weeks of nothing.
    It's true. The earliest post I can find of mine in the mod forums is from the beginning June. That was 5 months ago, now.

    And I've always had a life. I just didn't have anything more exciting to do during my down time :p
    Pretty good and not really so newbie anymore; it's almost been half a year since I got modded :p
    Can't complain. With exams coming up I won't be overly active, so figured I'd go out with a bang.
    Hey sweetness! ^^ I'll be doing shifts on both Monday and Tuesday, but I should be home long enough so we can still chat. I'll be home at around 5:00 PM over here. So if you're on then, we can still have some fun! =3

    Love you!
    Missing you, my love. But always loving you. (=,3 I hope everything's going well with your sister, and I hope to talk to you again, sweetie.

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