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  • I miss ya man.
    I bid thee a good and happy life and I wish you the best. I don't know when or if you'll be back, but regardless, I hope you have a long wonderful life devoid of bullshit.
    It's mutual. You shut shit down without channeling anyone! Let's get cybermarried and piss off conservatives everywhere with our logic and rational thinking.
    I was totally channeling Bobby from Supernatural when I wrote that. He knew how to shut shit down. =-)
    I have given thought to talking with the new folks and doing some "sorting out" with them. Sorry they attacked you. I don't think they understand things in the way that they should.
    It is one of my favorite book series I've read, and am currently in the (long) process of reading them all (with my job as internet writer and my usual tendency of going more towards games, I, sadly, read a little too few... To the point it can take me 2 months to read a small novel T_T)

    I'd say it's quite a good thing you put studies over the rest, and trust me, I've tried university two years and both years failed because I couldn't be bothered finishing the damn thing (hooray for really cheap tuition fees) ^^'
    Thanks *blushes a bit* And Yup, totally me in my brit-style clothes (I'm both French and English ^^)
    Waddaya mean "games like that"? Games with sexy, alluring sprites shaking their booty?
    Delightful, ain't it? I thought it was cute as dickens so I put it there. I think it's a videogame character, probably?
    hey c:
    hope you had a good day (and I'm ever so curious about that pie). I'll be on later so maybe we talk then perhaps if you'd like to some degree if it pleases the thought of doing so to have conversation together?
    I am having a really bad day today, of course I would nitpick at that today.
    Merry christmas and no hard feeling, aight? :3
    Didn't want to post in the forum because of being off topic, but. "pretty sure he said that just to jerk your chain.". Someone will probably quote that in their sig.
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