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I am Alex, a 26-year-old panda-dog. I'm married and queer AF. Be my friend. <3

(Please use he/him or they/them pronouns for me.)


Name: Alex!
Age: 26
Sex: yes please (jk I'm female-bodied but mostly boy-type identified)
Species: Panda Dog
Height: 5'8"
Weight: little bit over 250 lb

- Hair and fur: Black and white fur, brown hair on top of head
- Markings: Black patch over each eye, black paws, black tail with white tip.
- Eye color: Brown
- Other features: Shaped more or less like a panda but with a shaggy dog tail and dog ears (one perked up, one flopped over)
Behavior and Personality: Suffers from depression but is otherwise pretty cheery. Usually expresses fondness by RELENTLESSLY ANNOYING PEOPLE. Goofy, cuddly, enjoys sleeping and eating and having things given to them. Their personality varies wildly between being silly and jokey and happy and sitting very still, staring into space, wishing for death.

Skills: Not a ton.
Weaknesses: Loads.

Likes: Pets, books, comedy, food
Dislikes: People being dickheads, the patriarchy

History: Ask.


Clothing/Personal Style: T-shirts, hoodies, comfy stuff. Usually wearing pajamas at home.
Picture: TBD

Goal: Become truly content with themself.
Profession: Nurse.
Personal quote: "Don't be a dick."
Theme song: Free Falling -- Tom Petty
Birthdate: May 14
Star sign: Taurus

Favorite food: Ice cream.
Favorite drink: Diet Coke.
Favorite location: Bed.
Favorite weather: Warm and windy.
Favorite color: Purple.

Least liked food: Anything spicy.
Least liked drink: Tomato juice.
Least liked location: Any sort of office.
Least liked weather: Humidity.

Orientation: Bisexual.
May 14, 1991 (Age: 31)
Ontario, Canada
Animal Care Professional


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