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  • Hello I know this is really random but I saw your bear icon on the How the human race should end and yea I thought it was super cute so yea sorry for being random just wanted to stop in and say that.
    I really like it, their burgers are good and big for the price, but you gotta try the milk they sell.
    They concentrate it, and their other grocery items are really good too.

    Where up north you from?
    Porter peaches are usually sold in muscogee for 25¢ a peach, but are super freaking amazing. Appearently Porter OK makes good peaches.

    That stuff at the store I bought once, and it's realllllly fucking good even if it is expensive.

    I'm sorry for being harsh on eastern OK, just I think of Ardmoore when I think of it... And when I went there the lady at the gas station literally told me "You don't want to live here" and my best friend got racially profiled and arrested.
    I uhhhhh think of meth, buckshot, and lovely forests.

    I mean it depends on where you are on the eastern edge, but it does have a bad rep in my mind.
    Least you get porter peaches if you are near muscogee.
    I'm not allowed to talk to strange raccoons in diapers. My friends say that if you do, they put you in a van and then lock you in a basement.
    I couldn't help but notice the Father Stack quote in your signature. You are officially awesome. Now, I'm off to listen to jungle music and drill holes in the wall.
    Don't spazz out if you don't hear from me - I don't have dependable internet service right now.
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