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  • Since you've not been on here in a long time, I kinda want to catch up. How are you? What's going on in your life and how have things changed? It's been aageees.
    Hey there, it's that Fossa, from Pheonixed, in my main fursona! I saw your thread, and wanted to say hi. I recall enjoying many of your threads, there. I'd try and meet your request on the post ya made, but I'm too much of a softie.
    Just wanna say that I like that you're a member on these forums! You're always nice and seem like a person I'd hang out with if I could.

    Hope we can meet a convention one day! :3
    Steam friend request sent! :)
    I had to ask :p

    Mine would be Applejack as she best matches me. Hardworking, honest and never afraid to try anything if it helps my friends. As for best Princess, well now, there is no competition there. Luna always wins! :D
    So...now I know you like MLP, an obvious question remains. Who, in your mind, is best pony? :3
    ? A kickass indoor pool? Heck yes! After all, over 47% of Furries have an Otter fursona. LOL...
    Re: What Do You Hope...

    I think all true Furries hope to have a 'pool cave basement' someday. It's the pretenders who don't even plan to have a basement, for fear of what other peeps will think they actually DO down there...
    I'm damn stubborn, it's a weakness and a plus :L

    try me, Rain.wiz14 (Of course...)
    I don't want to end up like someone I work with, 3 years degree into minimum wage. I intend to be living fairly well in my middle age, or how else will I afford a convertible?
    I'm hoping that, since QTS is so high in demand, I should have a bit of luck coming off my course.

    TY ^.^ I added you on skype the other day, I figured it'd be easier on there than checking FAF every 5 minutes to see if there was a reply.
    Yeah, I'm considering leaving work to concentrate on doing last-minute work for uni.

    I'm struggling with working out my ideas for the story I'm writing, and I'd really benefit from someone to help bounce ideas off. In return I'd be happy to do you a favour :)
    I did my college work in the car about 20 minutes before I went in. But nobody else had done it, so I technically had the moral high ground.

    If you ain't busy sometime soon, can I pester you for a favour?
    Well, it's not completely the same, just basing the character round the same sorta ideas. My 'sona will be just the anthro fox, whereas the main character's a person possessed by the spirit. Just kinda similar looks, helping me actually build it up. When it's finished I'll have to go nagging artists to draw it for me :L

    Dreams do strange things for creativity. I had the idea for my story in a daydream whilst I was walking home one day from a friends.
    Rule 34 led me to here, so I can't complain too much.

    I done suprisingly well, 'Cos my lead character gets a bitch hand dealt to him throughout. Still A Mary Sue though apparently, did not realize this |:

    Generally I write lyrics about feelings, so this is all new. But atm I'm writing what I'd consider relevant scenes, as I think of the overarching plot. Since I have a few clues as to what it is, as they come it's kinda building up more and more. I know, for instance, the setting, sorta the backstory, and certainly the main character. Though I'm shame-facedly creating my 'sona as the character, 'cos lazy.
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