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  • Last time I got drunk I showed one of my friends FA. This was the first time anybody knew of my furriness in the 10 months or so I been on here. Ended up going through my favourites and going 'Boy, you DO like foxes don't you?'. I know them regret feels. Luckily, he's a fly guy so I'm just getting the occasional jibe, I can deal.

    I want to avoid the whole 'It works bcos MAGICZ' kinda chain of thought in my writing. Also Mary Sue-ing, that's gone straight out the door. But with only a page worth of paragraphs written, half unconnected, I have no clue where I really want to go from here. Aside from a vague idea of the plot and the elad character, I got pretty much nout :(

    That's awesome sounding already though. Werewolves, science, original stuff, and porn!? I can get behind this. I bet you find as well that the most irritating revisions are finding juttery phrases halfway through you didn't spot before, and going 'What was I thinking!?'
    Ain't wrong. And I find everything funny too, so it's not uncommon for me to end up in that place.

    Well, you are a Biology major, I can't argue with you making sense of Biology. :L How far through your book are you?
    Lucky. If my laughing gets bad, it goes from a snort into abackwards laugh and I made a sound uncannily similar to a seal. It's really loud too, so everyone stops while I'm there going ARP ARP ARP.

    I used Umbreon in Silver, and Nidoking in Red. I've been known to dabble in a coupla different types, though I love Ice. I'll sometimes swap out Grass for it. It's the only substitution I'll make.

    My best drawing was a little fox face on my college notepad, with a big tail. I didn't attempt a body. I think, though, if you're thinking of science for athro dragons, you may have missed a step somewhere :L pink isn't very manly, no, but there have got to be girl dragons right?
    Urg, when I'm drunk I just throw up. A lot. More than the human stomach should be able to retain, anyways. Funny for others, not so much for me.

    I always do Fire-Water-Grass-Electric-Flying-Random, so I have SOME variety :L I always like to have 'mons with families too, I like to feel like I achieved something with them evolving. Though this gen is the first time I've ever tried a party of more than 6, I was rotating 9 up til the league. That was a challenge.

    I know pretty much how I want my 'sona to look, but translating that to writing is pretty tricky. Especially little bits, like ear tips and such, stuff you just think not make a point of. Orange eh? sounds interesting ^.^ Of course, the best dragon is red.
    You have the best sense of humour :L

    Nothing like seeing that 649 on my Black when I open it up. I even have 5 complete teams on there, one for each gen. I can get strange when making teams. Has to be from current gen, only certain types, etc...

    Try trying to design one without any drawing talent. No matter how well I try to think it out, I can't match just being able to put my thoughts to paper D: Tried Purple or Red?

    I just realized I put this on my wall. Tit that I am....
    You have a filthy mind, and it amuses me greatly. Have you tried Syphilis? I've heard it's pretty good, as names go.

    I'll...go when I figure out what I actually wanna do with my team. Hopefully before another match comes up anyways ^.^

    It's really irksome, you do 5 at a time, and you got around 200 'mons to process. Takes time. I think I've racked up like 400 hours over every game I've been doing it on since I started, too me something like 4 years. Life needed.
    All my 'mons are named after soft drinks, I am in awe of your choices for names. Not sure it's a compliment, but it's certainly something.

    I might make my all-star team this gen, thinking at least Charizard and Floatzel, maybe Sylveon and Umbreon? I wanna try and use one from each gen, just to be OCD about the whole thing.

    I have no clue how to check IVs. |:

    And 'cos I'm trying to finish the 'dex. And she is one of the last I need of the first 150 Kalos 'mons. I did all 649 in Unova, and I have all the new ones, so technically it is finished, but I wanna do it without just transferring everything. I'm a breeder not a battler X3
    That could also work. It's a shame you can't swap between matches really, unless you wanna only bring it in for Ground-Types. Maybe trail and error?
    It looks like such an obvious target for Levitate too.

    What's the point in playing a game if you can't use your favourites? As long as you get a good set on 'em, they should work for all but the highest tier teams.

    Roserade. Pain in the ass 'mon that it is.
    Why not try giving him Air Balloon? That could help in certain match-ups. I've never attempted serious battling stuff, I normally just through attacks at people 'til they faint. But I reckon with a good Def on him, plus maybe two sweepers/ sweeper/infector (Is that what they're called?) you might stand a good chance of kicking serious buttocks.

    Some things are just OP. You find that in any game, and trust me I know that feel. It's how I feel about Reckoner :(

    I need a Shiny Stone first. Pain in the back, gotta do all the super training for the next one. Advantage should be good EV training stuff opened up, but all of that effort for a sodding Roserade...
    A Relaxed Ditto has too many dirty jokes attached. Too. Many. Not as many as Sassy, but still.
    Good choice, I eliminated one with my Floatzel, but it woulda been a problem is not for the stroke of luck of me picking him. What kinda EV's ya lookin' at?

    Zapdos makes me mad. I spotted it looking for a Hoppip, the bastard. I'ma try and do each pokedex one at a time, so I got about 12ish left in the Central 'Dex, I'll get him in the Mountain one.
    Sorry buddy, I was AFK for a little Mawile then (ohdr...)

    How is the team building going?
    There is a fairy/flying type. Togekiss.
    But unless you got someone with a Togepi in the Safari, ain't got no luck til December.

    That said, Azumarill is not only a tank but water/fairy, which is both of Garchomp's weaknesses. Not the BEST Atk, but if you can wear them down while tanking it out, should be alright.
    I was gonna check Smogon for it, but it was forbidden. Now I just wanna look more |:

    Maybe a suitable type replacement, like Ice, could work just as well? Long as you got something to cover fairy should be okay.
    Bring it >.>

    Emolga ruined my first chain, so fuck that flying ferret bastard. I lost the will to do it after that.

    Sylveon is a f'kin tank. I may be slighty biased cos I think mine is adowable <3. Mawile seems pretty solid, the Steel/Fairy/Mega Evolution match-up seems to be working well. That's how Distorbed beat Brn in the tourney.
    Noticed you added me this morning, TY ^.^

    Any luck with Zapdos? Mine keeps sitting on Route 7...taunting me...
    That's one hell of an experiment.

    Jeez, wow. Time to go fishing.
    TY ^.^

    I wish I could shred too. I just riff instead, it's a few levels down :L

    We used to do Iron Maiden covers, his voice was awesome for it. I ain't seen or spoken to any of the guys in months, but methinks I'ma rally them up for Donnington next year.
    The feels when I saw people singing my lyrics back to us.

    Especially Soulless. Catchy if I say so myself xD I kinda miss band work, shame it wasn't going anywhere.

    Mind you, the opening song to our EP said motherfucker 17 times. Ups and downs, you know?
    I was a pretty angry late teen. I had such hits as 'Soulless', which was pretty harsh. We started it with a fake phone convo that said 'fuck you!'
    And Renamon. Obvious Fur choice there, but god damn did she kick some ass.

    One of my songs, 'Scarred', was a journey through someone's decision to commit suicide. That's pretty damn borderline for alot of people.
    Half my songs in my band were about a girl.

    They were not flattering. She was not pleased.

    Girls are lucky like that, guys don't give a Fk.
    I'll just get to quote poetry

    bitches love poetry

    right? riiiight? D:
    I was playing the guitar 'til everyone else went to bed. People suck.

    Really? that's awesome. And, must lead to the best pick-up lines.

    Also, https://tinychat.com/qq86ie we're trying to make amusing things happen, but everyone keeps leaving :(
    I'm going on the impressions, they do not lend it any kindness. And that's putting it veeeery nicely.

    I had a tough enough time with the first book, it scared the shit outta me D:

    What degree are you doing anyways?
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