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  • As long as I put the work in, eh.

    My only horror story so far is someone I know who did the same Ba had to study the Twilight Trilogy. I don't think anything's worth that.
    That, that is relevant. I like it.

    I flunked my A-Levels and went to music college instead. Did not go well.

    4 years later and I'm doing evening A-levels in a desperate attempt to scrape together enough points to do my Ba in English :(
    I wanted to find one with the whole 'making lists for lists', but I settled well I reckon. I'm good with dealing with work stress, So I just deal. And in school I didn't give a fuck about revising and passed everything. (smug bastard)

    And didn't you know? Everything in life is porn for somebody, somewhere. Everything.
    Good advice for organization? Taking 5 minutes to put everything in order of urgency.

    Very obvious, but so many people just do not even think about it. I can't say much though, I've been procrastinating the work I was supposed to do over the week break I had from college to finishing it off tomorrow, before I start. Though, drawing a bit in any spare hours ya got can be good for giving yourself a level head to dive back in.

    Also, I can't hate you - I agree with you on too many things.
    'Sup, Sergal
    What's the news?

    Not that I'm bitter or anything, but you have yet to add me on the 3DS. Not offended.
    Ohmygod Tamers. One of the best shows I have ever seen, full stop.
    Can we just skip the part where I giggled to myself over the numerous puns? I don't think it puts me in a good light how easy I make dirty jokes |:

    It's on 3DS now init? I'm sure I played it once, but memory fails me at my grand old age.

    Also, best adult things but not really at the same time. Then, then it doesn't work. Though many have tried all three.
    I have a cuddly Todd in my room I bought in Disneyland last year, and I have a Pinkie badge on my guitar strap. Simple things please me. But the sheer joy of sitting and playing a game all afternoon goes out the window when you remember you have to clean/hoover/other.
    I never played Starfox. Seems surprising, really, given the fact I'm on here. :L

    It ain't all bad - Alcohol, driving, various activities of bedroom nature, sorta thing. But if I ever have to stop doing kids stuff, like finding people falling over funny, life is just not worth it any more.
    When my kids are young, I'll have the most fun using them as an excuse for my behaviour.
    I lost a load of my VG music when my PC killed itself last year, all I really got is Zelda stuff, and the Banjo ones. I have priorities.

    But the title, that's the best thing. It just brings back all the good memories of lounging in the house over summer holidays. Growing up had its disadvantages.
    You play the sax? Dayymm. That's sweet.

    I get nostalgia over the level tracks so hard - N64 games have the best soundtracks. I always wanted to try my hand at the banjo just to do the intro, 'cos it's damn near impossible to replicate on a guitar. (And, on a good side note, it makes the best phone ringtone)

    Stealing your walls virginity, but with good reason:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49GU7pnjQGA < Dis nostalgia trip. Entire of Kazooie in just over 2 hours.

    Mind = blown. Don't have to sit and watch the entire thing, but any point is just...too quick for normal humans.
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