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  1. Alexxx-Returns

    Looking for buddy to shit-talk me

    Ahaha as if I need reminding to do that
  2. Alexxx-Returns

    Looking for buddy to shit-talk me

    OK I'm gonna pull this response apart because it's the most ridiculous. Don't take it personally, I don't have any problem with you but I think most of the stuff you said here needs attention. Did I feel better when I was thinner? I've never gotten there because apparently I have no control...
  3. Alexxx-Returns

    Looking for buddy to shit-talk me

    Why the fuck is this thread still open lol, I got banned from TSR for the exact same thread in like 20 minutes I got what I wanted anyhow
  4. Alexxx-Returns

    Looking for buddy to shit-talk me

    You don't think I've tried that?
  5. Alexxx-Returns

    Looking for buddy to shit-talk me

    You kidding? Truth is I'm at my wits end dealing with binge-eating and putting on all the weight I lose. When I was at med school from 2015-2016 I was surrounded by guys who absolutely loved to tell me how ugly I am and demonstrate in whatever other way they could how undesirable I am. But...
  6. Alexxx-Returns

    Looking for buddy to shit-talk me

    This is probably gonna get deleted but whatever, I've always been able to rely on FAF in times of need and I'm calling in a favour. So to cut a long story short, I'm a lady who used to frequent FAF back in the day, in need of someone to keep regular contact with me and tell me how ugly and...
  7. Alexxx-Returns

    Just found out my friend is in one of the cringiest videos of the Brony fandom

    That was just... Life affirming (by comparison to one's own life) to watch, but the single cringiest one is where a bunch of bronies were walking through a town or something, holding a flag and singing the winter wrap up as they walked. I couldn't get through that one >.<
  8. Alexxx-Returns

    The Internet: friend or foe?

    It's incredible to think about really. We are connected to millions and millions of other people, giving us more opportunities than ever before, to find people that we can really bond with. I've made some great friends in this community, and in others, and I hope that never stops. I hope I don't...
  9. Alexxx-Returns

    Should I email my former teacher

    If it was me, I wouldn't do it. My experience of trying to get empathy from evil people has taught me that... If they have treated you badly in the past, they aren't gonna give a shit how it affected you now. All it will do, is show her that she has WON. That you come back, years later, to tell...
  10. Alexxx-Returns

    What's your definition of a creep?

    Schwim's avatar. On a serious note, greasy hair has been mentioned and I second that. On a serious note as well just someone who gives you an uncomfortable gut feeling, and you would NOT like to wake up next to because that feeling would amplify.
  11. Alexxx-Returns

    Confessions Thread

    I confess that I am indifferent to the current anarchy state.
  12. Alexxx-Returns

    Hi there! I am, um... new

    Sorry dude but that other guy has like 100+ threads on you at this point. You got some catching up to do, baby.
  13. Alexxx-Returns

    Hi there! I am, um... new

    Aaaaaaargh! So much double posting! BURN IIIIIIIIIIT.
  14. Alexxx-Returns

    Vote for the shitposting king and queen 2015

    I'm voting for that person who's necro'ing all the threads they can find. And Deo of course because she was the first to get banned and that takes skill.
  15. Alexxx-Returns

    Botties or Jumblies

    I voted tits, because guys AND girls can have pretty nice tiddies. Oh, wait.... Yeah, asses are also great, damn you for making us choose between them!