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    MR2s are nice too, a guy my parents know has owned one for 12 yeas and still uses it as a daily driver.
    I'm going to go ahead and comment on your signature because I can tell that you love Mazda RX7s as much as I do. So I'm going to ask. Do you happen to own one? They are just so awesome and I love them so much! The only problem I have with them, is that I do not own one. :'(
    Considering it was a mistake, that I admitted to right away, I think people should want to talk to me because I am an interesting and fun and loving person who deserves not to be alone just like anyone else. Sorry you were so offended by a strangers slip up to speak so harshly of them though it's obvious you didn't like me anyway and just look for ammunition to make that dislike public so it doesn't seem like you're picking on me for 'no reason' even though you are.
    Got the first part but the rest... not so much. Eny certin make of cars, or trucks that you favor or are you a "it moves, let's drive" kind of person?
    My condolences for your loss, and my sympathies that the internet can't not be a dick about things for five minutes.

    Above all, don't blame yourself. It's normal to be feeling a sort of numb detachment at first, it's nothing to feel guilty about. There's also no way you could have reasonably known or prevented this. Whatever went through your friend's thoughts before he passed away, you can be sure he didn't want to drag you down with him. Mourn his passing, but don't forget to keep living, and don't feel guilty for doing so.
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