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  1. Amirrah

    Free Art Commission [Trading for "Likes]

    Hey all you wonderful furries! My 17 yo daughter, and fellow furry artist, has opened up five free commission slots for full body, full color art requests. She also has five headshot slots open. In exchange, she is asking for your support and your votes. She is currently in 2nd place in an...
  2. Amirrah

    Are humans useful to earth at all?

    Speak for yourself. The Earth loves me. The Earth will cry when I am gone. And the Universe will laugh.
  3. Amirrah

    Does this ever happen to you?

    I get that mostly from random muscle spasms. It stinks.
  4. Amirrah

    What would you do if were transformed into the opposite sex?

    If I were suddenly a guy, I'd have a list. 1) Masturbate. Is it as good as they claim? 2) Lift something heavy. Just to prove I can. 3) Pee standing up. Is it really that hard to hit the water? 4) Masturbate again. Of course it's that good. 5) Have sex with a girl. ... Then I'd be done with it...
  5. Amirrah

    OK. Wait, what? Human breast milk ice cream?

    Human milk transmits all types of HUMAN diseases that are not shared with, or passed by, animals. That is why it's unsafe. That's also why it's illegal. No one wants to risk hundreds of diseases because they ate the wrong ice cream, and the milk was not properly and completely sterilized. It's...
  6. Amirrah

    Inspirations for the things you do in life

    When you find my Inspiration, please return it to me. I've been looking for it for quite some time now, and it's been greatly missed.
  7. Amirrah

    first time with a tail in school

    I got ridiculed and teased in junior high school because I had to wear sweat pants, and couldn't wear jeans. (I had to wear a back brace under my clothes, and it didn't fit with jeans.) In high school, I wore whatever I wanted. Normally, a t-shirt and jeans, but a few times I wore dresses or fun...
  8. Amirrah

    What would be your last words?

    Friends = "Love ya. See again ya soon." Anyone else = "What are you looking at?" Or maybe something poetic and clever like, "To die is to sleep; too bad you suckers have to work in the morning."
  9. Amirrah

    What are you drinking?

    Dr. Pepper!!!
  10. Amirrah

    "That's so gay"

    I have pretty much weeded it out of my vocabulary. However, I have a college education, I'm bi, I have nothing against gay men or women, and I used to say, "That's gay!" all the time. So? It was never meant as an insult towards homosexuals. Is it a stupid thing to say? Sure. Does that mean the...
  11. Amirrah

    Why women are afraid of the gyno

    I was nervous when I was young, yes. I didn't go for a pap smear until after I had lost my virginity. When I did go, I went to a female doctor. I like my body and I enjoy sex, so that was never an issue. I did NOT enjoy a female doctor that refused to make eye contact, even when my clothes were...
  12. Amirrah

    Looks like my wife found out..

    lol, I found out my best friend was a furry about 6 months ago, and a month later, decided I was one too. It fits me very well, in many ways. Explaining to my husband wasn't easy, but it was simply something I did in steps. I mentioned Fur Affinity and the artwork that I love (maturity filter...
  13. Amirrah

    I just found someone's life a box today.

    That is entirely possible. But some people do keep stupid crap like that thinking the cops will never get it or prove anything with it. Just like people post crap online and think the police can't trace that back to them irl. lol ;)
  14. Amirrah

    I just found someone's life a box today.

    I'm glad Gaz already pointed this out. Yes, you are breaking the law by having and keeping the documents. First, it was not your property, you were trespassing. Second, you removed the briefcase from a house that didn't belong to you. That's theft, even if it was in a trash bag. Third, you have...
  15. Amirrah

    What's you dream vehicle?

    My dream vehicle was a '99 Suzuki SV650. I got one last month, got it fixed up, and registered it today. :)