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  1. Amoranis

    High School Furs

    I said grandpa, because its awesome. Like me. ^^,
  2. Amoranis

    Dog collars

    when they say is that a collar. say "no, its a spaceship" lol
  3. Amoranis

    Where the hell do I socialize?

    Where do you socialize?! your doin it bro. your doin it internet is your contact to the rest of the world that you cant get to lol
  4. Amoranis

    Dog collars

    I wear mine to raves. Why do i wear it: Because its rainbow and its hot
  5. Amoranis

    What and who is responsible for all the bad publicity in the fandom?

    the blame for all the slander of the fandom can be traced to one source: fox news ;-; oh ... and that Bulsh!! episode of CSI >.<
  6. Amoranis

    What should i do?

    i vouch that this will not fix the problem 0.o
  7. Amoranis

    Pokemon anime: ineteresting moments

    i dare u :!
  8. Amoranis

    Claw or sword?

    oooh An Enfield... NIEEECE ^^
  9. Amoranis

    Is your Mate an active furry?

    well its akward for me when i say boyfriend. and im male
  10. Amoranis

    Is your Mate an active furry?

    Omg AWWWW :3 KAWAII :D!
  11. Amoranis

    you would think that furries would be vegetarians...

    not a vegetarian. Wuffies eat meat anyway :P
  12. Amoranis

    Furries Don't Just Listen To Techno?

    But. i do love techno ... just saying
  13. Amoranis

    Claw or sword?

    an intresting turn of events. we went from R Lee Ermey to yiff, intresting >.>
  14. Amoranis

    Claw or sword?

    iknow rite :D! he is the definition of awesome
  15. Amoranis

    Claw or sword?

    Osnap. R Lee Ermey would be proud ^^