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    Reactions to furry accessories

    The only reaction I ever got to my collar (which I wear almost 24/7, excluding showers) was one guy asking if I was a furry. Turned out he was one too.
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    Has anyone seen a furry, but without warning?

    I met a furry at my first meeting of I group I now attend regularly. It's a group completely unrelated to furries, and I'd never met another one before. Unfortunately he doesn't attend the group any more...
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    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    My mother knows. Don't have any other family, but if I did I'd tell them. I don't really care who knows or their reaction to it. I just like for people to know exactly who I am.
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    How did you get into the fandom?

    Pokemon forums. Found a club on one for something completely different, joined it, found out a few members were furries, resisted the idea that I was, and slowly came to realize that I was. The end.
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    How many fursonas do you have?

    I have three, but my third is really a mix of the other two instead of being completely different, and I don't use one of them at all any more.
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    Collars and subtle hints.

    I wear a collar with two tags everywhere. Never gotten a single odd glance or comment. My area is too non-furry! I want someone to ask me if I'm a furry so I can finally say yes!
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    What "made you" furry?

    Uhh, I was twelve, and made my first fursona without realizing. Then I was sixteen, loved Pokemon, found a sort-of-hidden society in which most of the people were furries, and realized I am one. So basically it's always been there but it just took me a while to figure it out.
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    Fursonas vs Spirt Animals

    My fursona and spirit animal are totally different. I'm a wolf. And he's a squirrel who, when I need help, visits me while I'm on the verge of unconsciousness and shows me which path to take. And likes to pelt me with chestnuts when I make a bad decision.
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    male or female?

    Female. Both my fursona and IRL.
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    Furs by state/province/other (NEW AUTHOR)

    Australia, Victoria, somewhat close to Melbourne. Well, closer to it than any of the other capitals.
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    Name: Andromeda Age: Seventeen years Sex: Female Species: Grey Wolf Height: 5' 3" Weight: 81 pounds Appearance: - Hair and fur: Silvery-grey - Markings: Darker grey fur on ears, paws, and ridge of tail. - Eye colour: Yellow-brown - Other features: None Behaviour and Personality...
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    if you could be changed into your fursona would you?

    Hell yeah, I'd do it. Family don't care about me, and what's a little pain compared to being yourself?
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    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    I just be myself. Online I flaunt it, everyone who knows me knows I'm a furry. Offline I don't care if anyone knows or not. If they ask, I say yes. End of story.
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    Furry things you do when bored

    Lie on my bed naked and sing loudly to music on my iPod. Or go for a walk (with clothes on! >.< ) Or post in my blog. Or chat with random people/my boyfriend.
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    What Pokemon are you?

    Lucario. Loved it the moment I saw it. Drawn myself as one a couple times as well.