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  • Hello! Just saying hi as you're one of the only ones that are online right now, and I'm bored as hell :p Timezones do not help me at all.
    I'm not sure what you mean by that...I just saw you are also in northern california is what I was saying XD
    San Jose's cool. I had some family there but I think they moved north. And then when you need a change of scenery, Santa Cruz is right there! I wish I was going to SC instead of NC but o well. Family is family hmm.
    Thanks for the answer back. It's been boring the last couple of days with FA going up and down so I could totally sympathize with you. And your avatar has the wholesome aura about it lol. I know that's very superficial, it is what it is/
    Okay, glad to meet you. I'll look to see if you have art at the main FA site. Have a good week.
    rrrr I can't believe they really did close your thread!! I was writing you an answer, I was completely tooling tycho for being such a crab about how your thread would be closed. I hit the submit button and then the thread is closed. There were still three or four of us browsing it! Oh that guy was a total bastard.
    So I thought, at least I could send a message and say, hey, yes it sucks that FA is down and I miss it too, that guy's a royal butthead and no I haven't done anything even remotely interesting in a long time.
    Plus I nticed a no-cal reference near your avatar. fwiw next week I am going to go visit my dad and his family in Nevada City. I know NoCal is a huge place. WHerever you are at I hope you are having a good summer and plenty of rain.
    If you're looking for commissions, I'd suggest taking down that little note in your signature that says you do requests. :3
    i was the person requesting (Rian) and i wanted white emo style hair, no clothes no accessories except a red tie
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