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    Hi! I'm sort of new <:

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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    h-hewwo? hewwo??? (back at it again)

    Ohhh i cant be let on metros. Too much paint in my pockets man.
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    Hello! New member (sort of)

    Welcome, former lurker! Enjoy your stay!
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    Hello there! We hope you enjoy your stay! And speaking for myself, Im doing swell
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    New to furry and needing help with creating charater

    Welcome! Best thing you can do is find a good artist who can do a reference based off description alone, and use your imagination! Think of a character that suits you, and describe them in the most detail you can! My first ref sheet was done by RavingAngel on FA by (effectively) description alone!
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    Gutentag! Happy to have you!
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    Hi hi!

    heehe knife xeep. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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    Howdy Neighborinos

    Howdy! Welcome!
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    Hey there

    Welcome! We're happy to have you!
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    h-hewwo? hewwo??? (back at it again)

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay on the crazy train!
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    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
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    hey whats up

    Welcome, trash panda!
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