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  • You mean private messages? That's the first option on the side of someone's profile, below their profile picture. In your case, the flexing Anubis, or in my case, the pixel art of my fursona. Unless you mean they aren't working past that, then I don't really know. I don't send PM's enough to really notice anything, and they've all worked for me, I've never had a problem.
    Hello Anubis! Great to see you here on the forums! :3 I'm a fan of your work~

    I've made this forum well aware I'm a fan of macro, so you'll fit in just fine, seeing how well they still treat me. Just a few jokes. If you say anything about liking macro be warned, there will be comments about me xD

    Figured I'd give you a warm welcome! \:3/ Enjoy your stay ^-^
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