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  • Not too bad. Glad to get 2012 outta the way. Even though it'll be like...2024 before we get another year of the dragon. :C Also, gonna get serious this year about my stories. How are you?
    Busy of course! I'm in the middle of finishing off some papers before I can finally go hope for winter.
    Heyo! Not all that much going on over here.

    Haha, thanks! Kind of ya' :3
    Thankee, I'll be sure to run off with it and never heard from again
    Actually I'll get to it ASAP, would you like to be notified in advance for like, streamery purposes? I am prolly gonna work on it tomorrow (14 Nov) from 6-7 PM to Some Time Later CST.
    they will be in shock, as will most of the people i know. im going to text the parents, then announce it across my facebook. its going to get crazy
    yep. doing some reaching out before i "come out" im going to need a support group going
    Yeah I'm part of the MonFurs forum as well (Montreal) and it seems a bit buggy on there too. I did learn that some of the thread conversations don't count, otherwise that'd amount to an obscene amount of numbers, so that helped answer my question. And thanks for the add! I'm enjoying it around here so far and hoping to make some chums ^-^
    Haha yeh, I figured it out after I commented to you, go figure -__- Now I'm trying to figure out why regardless of posting, my posts remain at "0". Not sure if I have to do something specific or whatnot
    Heya, I actually got some advice from another member on my intro post and I'm super embarrassed to say that I have no idea what they mean by the "multi quote" at the bottom. I've been searching around for that and I can't see anything relating to multi-quote .__. Is this some sort of option I need enabled or...?
    Damn, I had no idea you lived in the area that was affected by Sandy.
    May the power be back soon and may things he back tonnormal
    as quickly as possible. D:University is going quite well. Classes are great so far, it's just a whole lotta work.
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