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    Lost of uni-work and sleeping inbetween. :'D
    and you?
    Definitely. :) Good place to meet other furs. And no shortage of intelligent discussion/debate. What's not to love?
    hey hey its going great just watchin the forums for a few hours see if i can get involved and hopefully get some new friends lol other than that just surfing the forums what you up to
    Yup! I'm sure I'm going to get along with everybody here. ^^

    PS:...You can delete "The official meme topic!" . I prefer to know it deleted rather than locked. I'm sorry if I've done something wrong.
    Awesome, dude! Now you have something to go on if you want to commission him. =)

    And nah, sorry. I'm heading out soon, and I'm on here to check some messages and get off. l=/
    I used to be a novice at ceramic painting but gave it up years ago. Good luck with canvas, you might want to try boards too because they sometimes have a nicer texture and are cheap as chips.
    Watching a friend stream some of her art, while simultaneously looking up some recipes to cook. Just made borscht last night. And you?
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