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    So foxes are sluts?

    I got away for two weeks and this thread is still alive. LoL
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    I was a mid plat player when i played.
  3. Anubite

    Furry podcasts?

    Make one dude, your English so you automatically get a 1+ to having a podcast because people listen to the English accent. Go for it.
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    I might hop back on SC2 in a bit, been playing d3 though so I might hop on SC2 for some ranked and some custom games.
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    Old Coins

    I have a small, but interesting coin collection. My favorite is my 1892 Morgan Silver dollar, what a great coin. I do have a lot of buffalo nickles and wheat pennies too.
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    Trading adult furry boxers for things for my fursuit

    I think I got some kind of mental disability after reading this thread. The fact that those boxers exist doesn't surprise me, but the fact that were talking about them on the forum is terrible and that it keeps on going.
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    Modding to help out, no biggy and thank you. How have you been?

    Modding to help out, no biggy and thank you. How have you been?
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    Hello and welcome to the both of you, nice to see new faces and hope you enjoy your time here, dont drink and post and remember that :V means sarcasm. Feel free to ask questions and what not if you have any. What kind of hobbies do you have?
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    Heruuuu! I'm Nyckolai ^-^

    Hello and welcome to the forums, if you have any questions your welcome to ask. Nice to see new faces and you will be fine here, its a nice place.
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    Furry Dialect

    I suggest not going ahead with this, not stuff I would want to say everyday or hear everyday, every time someone says or type any of those words I feel a bit of myself die when I go on these sites.
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    Help me decide what Animals I should choose

    Gazelle, that's what I would choose.
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    New, But a Bit Nervous

    Not one bit, its just a forum where we all go to see and partake in discussion, nothing crazy though there is drama and furries love their drama. Remember that :V means sarcasm and that most people here are pretty sane for this fandom. Have fun and don't drink and post is my only advice.
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    New, But a Bit Nervous

    Welcome to the boards, and dont be nervous, its the internet. Do you have any hobbies?
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    Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum even though you have been here for a year. Shooting ey? I enjoy shooting myself. What type of weapons if any do you own?
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    Tiny Chat, Back from the dead

    It was happening the other day, old news sir.