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    Sexy Videogame characters

    um this is so bad didg dug yeah he can inflate me any day[hr]oh and would like to Fox(yes he's a guy) from Bloody Roar Long the Tiger from same game and did i mention my main man Lee Chaolan. i had the most awesome dream about him last night. yeah i thought you guys should know about it LOL
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    Sexy Videogame characters

    oh and i forgot Lee from tekken 4 and 5 and bomberman is teh hottness LOL
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    Sexy Videogame characters

    Let's see if anyone played Sphinx and the cursed mummy sphinx was sooo hot with his lil lion tail The male redgaurd(oblivion) I designed was soo freaking hot it wasn't funny oh and i named him Ghostface after my fave rapper Hawrong from Tekken 3 4 and 5 Eddie Gordo the capiora master so...
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    I am Legend

    OMG i wanna see that movie soo bad i just love will smith and i've heard great stuff about the movie!
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    On the first day of Christmas

    I don't know if this was done before but" 110 returned crappy gifts
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    Good TV shows that should have lasted

    I loved that show do they have it on dvd?
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    On the first day of Christmas

    63 dildo's vibrating
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    Albums you played recently

    Oh goodness probably not going to be as long as some of you who posted but here it goes. Fishcale-GhostFace Killa More Fish-GhostFace Killa Scorpion -Eve As The Smoke Clears-Three 6 Mafia Most Know Unkowns_Three 6 Mafia Elephant-the White Stripes Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand Good...
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    Manga into Live Action

    I think Paranoia agent would be a good live action movie of course it's an anime and not a manga.
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    Good TV shows that should have lasted

    invader zim,surface, and firefly
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    What do the natives do on Thanksgiving?

    i wish i had a casino:( i'm only part native the rest is mexican. and my fam does celebrate thanksgiving just cause there's food involved. food is good!
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    Your Favorite anime.

    OutLaw Star Cowboy bebop BIG O Neon genisis evangelion*end sux though* inuyasha saiyuki tenchi muyo eureka 7 bleach negima and too many other's to list
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    The Animal Inside?

    I have two types of spirit guides at the moment and two animals i seem to conect are the arctic wolf and the spotted dolpin. the wolf came to me when i was 10 i use to have these dreams of me as huge white wolf, with incredibly huge paws and stocky legs with gold eyes.it wasn't until I started...
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    Horrible Holiday Foods

    turducken is soo gross my best friend had one. now what's really good is a fried turkey totally awesome. sorry a lil southern coming outLOL
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    Gummi bears are funny

    that was one of the best robot chicken sketches. LOL very funny i saw it when it first aired.