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  • Um, I'm probably ducking out of the album thread that sounds suspiciously like a used vibrator market.

    But, you said Jar of Flies made you rethink AIC. Look up the MTV Unplugged performanceby them, might like it.
    My instructor is Skrentny. I know having a CS degree can be highly beneficial, but between this class and the intro class prior, I haven't really enjoyed programming anywhere near as much as I thought I would going in to them. I mean, I may be speaking too soon of course, but continuing on isn't seeming terribly likely at the moment. I'm not giving up just quite yet.
    We just finished talking about complexity, and since I missed that day of class due to having to make up a lab in another class, I wasn't able to understand it, and the ties to it. Google didn't help much either. I'm probably just going to just go along with the class, and just try. I'll be done with CS afterwards.
    I'm actually probably not going to pursue the degree further, as it's becoming a really confusing subject, but yes, I'm currently taking data structures.
    I do indeed, but it's not at the stage where I want it right now. I basically just talk about random crap for an hour with friends.
    I'll show you soon maybe, if we clean up our act a bit! Maybe you could join us one day...
    Hey, I can link you to Beauty in The Beast if you'd like! Would you mind if I added you on skype?
    Yeah, that's fine.

    Ack, that came out wrong then. Music-rich. You know a great deal of music which is really awesome.
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