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  • Heehee, everyone's been askingthat. I'll give you a couple hints, Takun's at the top, and everyone on there is also on Sharky's list (or should be)
    Feel free to encourage artist who maybe dont feel confident to join the group if you know any... thats what its there for!

    I'll be around, if you ever feel like pokin' :p (or being poked, take your pick xD)
    Sorry if you came back and i wasn't there, my internet died on me completely and then i went to work, hopefully we can talk again.
    Is that some more Rain I see?
    It's nice to have a friend who isn't eaten alive by nationalism. I'll look forward too debating along side you!
    I just read your responses on the first page of AMERICANMUSCLE, too funny.
    I liked "Were gonna free the shit outa ya!"
    It was so surreal.
    sweet! thanks...I will probably in a few days seeing as I'm at home and there's only dial-up internet here...:)
    this is gonna sound kinda weird since I haven't even talked to you before but I would love it if I could either IM or PM back and forth in german so that I could keep up my skills in it...

    I was kinda referred by nameless_ermine that you live in germany so I figured, why not...
    Me sorry Arctic, but here is a card for 1 free yiff, on da house. I'll miss u guys alot!
    Thx. Everybody thinks my av is great. I didnt realize it was that great though. I didnt draw it. dont know who did.
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