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  • ty arcana, ive been doing what i can to deal with this loss
    it makes me really happy to know that red was thinking about me, so thank you <3
    That's no way to think. It doesn't matter, anyway. It's fur, it hides all kinds of mistakes. I broke mine and sewed it back together and you can't even tell.
    I think that deploying an accusation of molestation in front of your family would cause a lot of stir. It may be best waiting until you're living out, so that you can organise seeing a psychiatrist or councilor [usually provided by colleges] without having to risk familial stresses.
    That's a particularly difficult history to overcome. :\ I recall my first girlfriend telling me that she was molested when she was a child, and that this would restrict what kinds of physical activity we could do. I don't think I properly appreciated the significance of this- I think I considered it far more significant than it actually was, because I scuttled future conversations about the topic she initiated, for fear they would cause her upset.
    I didn't consider the possibility that the reality was probably more nuanced and that talking about unpleasant experiences can be an important part of contextualising them and challenging whatever hold they still exert on the victim.
    I wasn't aware that you were depressed, but I generally don't read people's blogs on JV. This situation sounds a little too complex for my commentary to have any tangibility, so all I can really do is hope things go well for you.

    Do you think that when you start at university some of these problems will abate? It becomes easier to be yourself when you're parachuted into a new environment, especially when you realise that those predatory concerns you may have had, about whether people would mock you for not being heterosexual for instance, turn out to be greeted with absolute apathy- nobody cares, because everyone else is living in their own introspective world, worrying about whether people will judge them for their trivial differences.
    I know how you feel- I'm 20 and my parents filter the internet to prevent porn from getting through. [obviously not very effective], but I don't live at home much, and soon neither will you.
    I gotta post a pic of my rabbit hat now. x3

    [I'm secretly jealous, because I wanted a fox one, but they weren't available at the store]
    JV is a weird place all round. Jiggmin never visits it because he is too frightened of what he has created.
    If I don't blame the supernature I have no excuse for my exorbitant internet use. It's a miracle I actually pass anything.
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