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  • :D Oh really? That's awesome! Do you happen to know what major? I might have bumped in to him or her.
    Yeah, have yet to actually post anything but that's going to change soon when I get my thoughts straight and written down. Same username as the one I have here
    Relaxing at home, watching some tv and chatting with a friend while trying to organize some thoughts in my head for a story.
    Hate to say, but... no. It doesn't open to start with, and if I attempt to download it, it just comes up with a page that says "image not found". Do you know if anyone else has this problem or is it just me?
    There appears to be a problem. The file is a DocX file, which is incompatible with my version of Word (1997). Are the later versions of Word free? Because it would help a lot with other stuff as well.
    Well, that only makes things more interesting. I assume those two stories you have on FA (which I plan on reading at some point) are related to this book you speak of, no?
    Well, to put it bluntly, you seem eccentric. It seems like you put more thought into your character/fursona than most of us do. I don't know if you consider yourself eccentric or not, but it certainly gives off vibes of eccentricity.
    Hi there. I've been feeling really talkative lately so I thought i'd post a message here. You seem like an interesting fellow.
    just to be clear i am gay but i still do what any other guy would such as work on a car or guitar or whatever
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