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  1. Arisu

    12 Telegram Stickers for 30SUD!

    I'm offering a 12-pack Telegram Sticker for 30USD! (If you want them shaded, that would be 40usd!) They will be flat colored, I have both a ych sheet or you can ask for custom stickers :) I'll drop some examples: Please contact me if interesed! :) On: www.furaffinity.net/user/a-ri-suu...
  2. Arisu

    Need someone to draw my OC

    Sending a note! :)
  3. Arisu

    Space Child YCH

    Selling this ych! 20usd: flat colors 25usd: shaded 30usd: shaded + background! Contact me via telegram please (t.me: Arisu ✨ or via furaffinity! :) www.furaffinity.net: Space*Child YCH! by a-ri-suu
  4. Arisu

    Reference Sheets starting at 30$

    Starting at 30$, will include : - Front view - Small backview - 2 close ups - color palette - small description Contact me via : Deviantart : xx-arisu.deviantart.com Furaffinity : Userpage of a-ri-suu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Mail : arisublue@live.it Telegram : t.me: Ari ✨
  5. Arisu

    Seeking: Artist for Bunny Girl OC

    Note sent!
  6. Arisu


    Hello! Since I really enjoy making Telegram stickers, I decided to open commissions for telegram stickers of your character! The price is 60$ for a pack of 10 stickers, then 5$ for every additional sticker! What are telegram stickers? -> telegram.org: Stickers Done Right I will do : Human...