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What I don't write

- I don't write ANY scat thing
- I don't write rape THEN death (I can write rape... hmmm well PM me about this please ;))
- I don't write anything about religion or politics

The better is that you PM me, and I will see because I don't write a lot of things :p:p

However I love most of all write NSFW between human and dragon(s) or/ dragoness(es) or between human and werewolf (never try actually)

Well PM me for more information
May 7, 1997 (Age: 24)


Someday... I wish live a life full of romance and love with a magnificent Dragon :rolleyes::rolleyes:
"After a cold weather... warm up under your blanket... but you keep your window open, and a Dragon, a beautiful dragon, with golden scales, his green eyes, and his black tongue arrive... you feel his warm breath against your neck and you see the Dragon lying next to you, he snuggles against you, to offer you a warm hug... but suddenly... your look are crossed... and the Dragon kiss you sweetly with his tongue..."
That's what I dream... :rolleyes:




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