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    Thank you! :)

    Thank you! :)
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    Sculpting - Question

    Bump :(
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    Sculpting - Question

    I would love to use Monster Clay, but first it’s expensive, secondly, for a training, as I’m not experimented, this isn’t the best thing and thridly, this isn’t self hardening, so I’ll need to mold and cast to finish a sculpting :P But I already think about yes
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    Sculpting - Question

    Hello everybody I have a question for all these sculptors Well I was interested by this since December, and I begin since December, once every Friday for 3h Well, at my sculpting lesson, I did an apple, I found perfect but looking more at it... well I find some imperfections and I hate that...
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    Bizarre/Amusing videos on YouTube?

    If I have 13 seconds left to live Please everybody, show me this
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    Best video game music?

    Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood OST - Triumph <3 <3
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    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    I laugh so hard at this, I shouldn’t but I see myself how I coughed when I was a kid XDD
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    All these things around me are dying and no one's doing anything about it

    What should I say for me in France, I live beside Paris xD
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    New to the community! :)

    Welcome among the beast!
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    Software to draw?

    Hello, I post here a new thread about software... I intend to buy as computer a Lenovo Y530 and for my tablet a Wacom Intuos Pro, so, while I save my money for this, I learn and train my drawing... Well, and I would like to know, what is the best software to draw, to have a good quality, but...
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    Beginner in art - Where must I start?

    That’s where I stuck, drawing perspectives with these lines, and then drawing something accurate in these box are really difficult for me
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    Give a super hero name and power to the fur above you.

    Sabertooth Able to cut everything with your sharp fang
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    But why would you do such a thing?

    Because, as always I was hungry And why have you eat all the meat that was prepared for the weekend???
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    Beginner in art - Where must I start?

    Yes, I tried to learn perspective first, some cube, but it stay difficult for me... once I mastered the cube, I’ll try the cylinder
  15. Arko90

    Beginner in art - Where must I start?

    Yes it helps but, what I need to know, is what shall I learn first :)