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  • Hey, hows it going?

    Just taught someone else some basic silat, funny how I teach different things to different people. His was basic cimande strikes working with scooping.

    So next monday I leave for the AF, 8 1/2 weeks with almost no communication, and certainly no FaF.

    Is there anything I can do for you until then?
    And I'm also really interested to hear of you using silat in SCA
    Yo I decided to dump every tip I could think of relating to silat in a couple of pms to you, I don't expect you to read them just they are there if you need them.
    Last year some guys brought foam swords and let this other fellow and I use them, it was alot of fun and I hope to be able to do that kind of stuff using my silat this year.

    The closest thing I have to the kind of things SCA folks use are ebony escrima sticks.... Which would kill people, so def not bringing those.
    Okay, well pretty much all the basics of a con, and if you are in a tent bring enough padding to both keep the hard ground at bay and the cold. Was cold last year when I went, during the nights.

    Also, there was atleast one other SCA guy in scalemail with a shield and sword, you couldbring your gear (although no real weapons allowed in the park).
    I was going to comment on your profile because someone I know wants a voodoo themed skull-mask coyote fursuit and yours pic reminded me of it, and then it turns out you are going to Oklacon.

    Did you go last year?
    That is an AWESOME avatar, really cool looking.
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