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    Interesting Musing about the FA Downtime

    Well, let me put it this way. When I was asked to be on staff it was because I had compiled a list of all the suggestions in a gigantic thread, just because I felt like it. No one really knew me. No one really knew yak, who came aboard at around the same time. So that was an exception to the...
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    Interesting Musing about the FA Downtime

    I think adding more coders would be a good decision. There's a lot of stigma against adding just jack off the street but most of the people who volunteer have proven that they honestly know their shit one way or another. Plus time zones mean that yak's updates generally only come very late at...
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    Commission Review Section

    I like this idea, though I could see it turning into flames quickly if handled without tact. Keep in mind that there are separate places to report poor behavior on the part of both commissioners and artists (ie, Artist Beware on LiveJournal). I would say a rating scale could be used as well...
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    Web Startup Idea?

    Technically FA accepts donations, not money in exchange for a specific service. I think they get around being a business that way.
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    37 Fun Things To Do In Wal-Mart!

    They'd just look at you funny ;) We use colors, not numbers. He probably did, but we're not allowed to say a damn thing. Company policy. We can't ban people from the stores (or else customers who actually have hit cashiers in one store I used to work at would have been long gone). All we can...
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    A fur fursuit?

    If I killed and ate a deer, then sure, I'd wear the skin if I was into fursuiting. Why waste skin if I already ate the meat?
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    How Do you Get Away With FanArt Commissions????

    Well, while commissions of a specific character are a major no no in my opinion I do make a few exceptions: Fan characters: Okay because it's not so much a character as a style or species. Gift art: Someone commissioning a picture of someone else's character as a gift to them.
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    Fur Affinity and Ads

    Email sent!
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    Fur Affinity and Ads

    Any word on costs for this yet?
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    All Your Arts Belong To http://skinni.org/

    Hmm... "SITE IS UNDER CONSTRACTION (sorry sexyfur.com)"
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    Avatars: Reasons, and Stories.

    I just got bored and wanted a new icon. Also side boob.
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    Artist survey

    After taking a look at the "rate the artist" topic I thought that rating would actually be an interesting feature, but perhaps not presented in that form since it really would be more of a popularity contest without any sort of context for the question of rating. Rating can be "my best friend"...
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    A Couple of Unique Requests.

    RE: Looking for an artist to fulfill a request. Welcome :)
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    A Couple of Unique Requests.

    RE: Looking for an artist to fulfill a request. Because you were extremely polite and had a great description....