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  • feel free to kill the shopping thread, it's now tuesday and is turning into a bickering fest.
    Aww you went there.


    I agree 100%. I try my best not to block people because (and DeviantArt taught me this) blocking is near pointless. :c
    Though after seeing a few profiles, I wasn't alone in the badgering. He's also not the only here with the whole "fake fur" mantra either, but I won't name names...
    Happy Birthday Arsh!!

    While I may be looking silly, I got you a chocolate cake for you ;)
    May all your wishes come true :)
    I dunno, I figured you'd get a chuckle from this jab at a common concern. I screencapped this in a quest I was doing. lol
    hey arshes I'm posting a pic in my sketchbook and it has a nude ladies that I censored out... do you think that's cool or should I still just link it as NSFW??
    Sorry if I came off as rude earlier, that and my computer likes to be weird when I'm on the forums. I really am a gentle guy at heart.
    Just asking. I hadn't seen you round here much (then again, I haven't been on as frequently as I used to) and I haven't seen Super Hexagon pop up in the lower right of my screen in a while. xD
    How's the art coming?
    But yiff comes first, doesn't it? BAH HUMBUG to rent and prioritising things! :v
    Shame he never said who the artist is. He'd make for a fine beware, I'm sure.
    So, I have a small question.
    Say I were to post a thread about someone who says he's learnt from his communication-mishaps in a now-closed thread and yet keeps pestering me via PM, would that get me an infraction? :v
    btw is there a gallery somewhere that has some of your recent work? your FA and DA have old stuff, but I'm curious :p
    I can't even remember which thread it was in any more, but thank you for posting that tutorial about transitioning from anime > western style. Now I know wtf my problem is with faces.
    Hi. Quick question. I can't seem to thumbs up anything. Not a big deal obviously, just wondering if something's up. Thanks.
    Coincidentally I just wrote a post for the 'favourite artist' thread the very moment you locked it. x3
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