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  • I think some people are going to get the wrong end of the stick with that paper you posted; someone already lamented that they thought it was suggesting that there was a homophobia gene, which had a purpose to get rid of gay genes that were circulating in the population.
    Just wanted to apologize for being a bitch towards you. I disagree with you most of the time, you disagree with me most of the time, but you are capable of some kind of reason and I only lashed out at you a few times 'cause I was grumpy in general. I actually have no beef with you at all and I try not to have beefs with anyone.

    Peace, love and understanding, man. <3
    What the balls?! I can't help but do a weird laugh/giggle every time I see your avatar.

    It's so funny!
    I have a random question. What's your avatar and signature pic from? Whatever it is, it looks awesome.
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