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  1. Artist Aspen

    New artist- taking commissions! 9-15$ + YCH

    Thank you so much, your support means a lot to me! I'd love to make you a piece when it's convenient for you. c:
  2. Artist Aspen

    New artist- taking commissions! 9-15$ + YCH

    Seeing as I've whipped up a snazzy new art site and a number of new examples, I'm planning to bump up my prices relatively soon; the next four commissions here will be the current low prices, but after that changes will be made. So if you want a $9 portrait before they're gone, let me know!
  3. Artist Aspen

    Ashamed of my comic...

    Personally, I found your comic endearing. It was straightforward and painted a world right off the bat. Story-wise, the childhood friendship story felt a little shoehorned in, but besides that, it wasn't hugely flawed. I wouldn't call it a marvel of literature, but I can tell you care. One...
  4. Artist Aspen

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    the poster below me is ERROR: insult overwritten the most spectacular user on this site
  5. Artist Aspen

    What does your fursona's voice sound like ?

    Aspen's voice is like mine when I read aloud; she has a bit of a soft tone, but not high-pitched. She talks softly, a little slowly, with a mezzo-soprano voice; it gets higher and faster when she's excited or nervous. All in all, just kind of calm and warm, like something you'd hear on a nice...
  6. Artist Aspen

    New artist- taking commissions! 9-15$ + YCH

    NSFW commissions have been opened- full color example here, and new references posted to my FA account!
  7. Artist Aspen

    What was your first anime?

    The first one I really enjoyed was the wonderful Detective Conan! Sailor Moon and Pokemon, sure, technically... but murder mysteries? That's the good stuff.
  8. Artist Aspen

    Trade with me yeh?

    Wow, your art is stunning! I'd be interested if you're open to it. I'd probably like art of Aspen, Sammy the big fluffy Samoyed, or Renee. Here are some examples!
  9. Artist Aspen

    Looking to commission art of my human OC

    Here are some art examples I have so far, and my art thread. I could do simple illustrations and pixel animations, perhaps?