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    Your fursona / OCs' famous last words

    Art Vulpine: "I go home to be with my ancestors." VEX: "Well, this was fun while it lasted..." Spellbound: "Time to learn the greatest mystery of all." Aqua: "Goodbye... friends."
  2. ArtVulpine

    Dumb Superpowers

    Instead of super durability, you body is like glass and will shatter if hit by anything remotely solid or with enough force.
  3. ArtVulpine

    Fursuit Portrayal - Yourself or Someone Else?

    With my two fursuits I got there comes the fact of having to act with them. Now, I have a pretty good idea of how VEX acts, but what about my fursona, Art? When suiting, do act as yourself or make up a persona? Let me know how you decided to act while in suit!
  4. ArtVulpine

    Give a weird random fact about yourself!

    I didn't have a Twitter account until a few months ago.
  5. ArtVulpine

    Can your Fursona Die?

    Well being a kitsune, Art can die only if his spirit is destroyed. VEX, being an otherworldly hybrid probably can't. Spellbound is a unicorn and can't get sick, but he can die from severe wounds.
  6. ArtVulpine

    What do you guys do for a living?

    I am a director of a public library. What does that mean? Well... I oversee a staff of 2 full time, 2 part time, and 3 volunteers. I order any books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, DVDs, any anything else for the patrons. I also order other things ranging from signs to toner and paper...
  7. ArtVulpine

    What do you do?

    I'm the director of a public library and writer working on my first book.
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    the worst thing you ever ate or drank

    Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken Now normally I'm a huge fan of chicken, but one time I had rotisserie chicken and got food poisoning. Not fun at all. As for bad drinks- Pepsi Blue This short lived pepsi tasted like the soda was mixed with a disgusting sour candy. Glad to see it gone.
  9. ArtVulpine

    Writing cliches you find annoying.

    As a writer and library director I find the following cliches annoying: #1- The badass character that says the f-word every sentence of dialogue to show how badass he/she is. This is less of a case of trying to be clean and more of the fact that there are better ways to show how strong a...
  10. ArtVulpine

    Going to Furrydelphia?

    Hello all! My first con I'm attending this year is Furrydelphia August 16-18. Who else is going?
  11. ArtVulpine

    Some Moron is a Fox

    This looks interesting: I think Some Moron is an upright Jenga piece.
  12. ArtVulpine

    So how do you make friends in the fandom?

    for me I met a fur at work. I saw her drawing her kitty fursona and it struck up a conversation. Then she invited me to a furmeet where I met more furs, and then I went to my first con which I made even more friends. So, sometimes it only takes one to open the door to meeting other friends.
  13. ArtVulpine

    Vent Thread

    Ok, this is an avengers Endgame vent... To the person using a laser pointer during the film: You're an immature worm. I hope you try that one day and get yanked out of your seat by theater staff and dropped on your butt outside. To the people taking pictures during the movie: I know what...
  14. ArtVulpine

    What are embarrassing things you like?

    Embarrassing things... Well, I delve deep into the world and lore of the indie game Freedom Planet and am in the process of working on a comic series. Also, dancing. I don't really dance at cons for fear people will think I'm having an upright seizure.
  15. ArtVulpine

    Who are you in real life?

    I'm 33 and a director of a library (and don't call me old! 33 is not old!)