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  1. ash♤Feliz

    switch vs switch lite

    look there a lot of games I want to play on the switch but I don't know if should get the normal switch or the lite. can I get some help figuring this out?
  2. ash♤Feliz

    Hiring: Looking for artists ($67)

    Just like the tile said I'm looking for artists draw my other sonas as i feel like i got enough art of my bird for now. looking for people are familiar or want to try drawing a monkey sona, ampwave sona and Chinese dragon.
  3. ash♤Feliz

    Free fursona chibi commissioning, in need of practice!

    I would you like to try drawing my bird ash?
  4. ash♤Feliz

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    Well ash first name is inspire by bruce Campbell character, Ash Williams. His last name, feliz means happy in Spanish and that about it.
  5. ash♤Feliz

    Free Art: [Temporarily Closed] Let me draw your characters! (Icons)

    I hope my aivan is ok with you, reference by mgmrkatze.
  6. ash♤Feliz

    What video game are you playing...

    yakuza kiwami, just got into the series but i already love it, it really fun and have great characters.
  7. ash♤Feliz

    free adoptables

    I send you a note about monkey painter on FA.
  8. ash♤Feliz

    Free Art: I'll put your character in a fancy suit! x) CLOSED FOR NOW! (Consider commission ^^)

    I want to try to see my bird in heister outfit so i give this a shot, art by mgmrkatze.
  9. ash♤Feliz

    Recommended cyberpunk games on pc?

    I play the two newer ones but i never play the olds one from 2000 so there an idea.
  10. ash♤Feliz

    Recommended cyberpunk games on pc?

    So lately i really been in a cyberpunk mood and i was hoping to have some recommendations on good cyberpunk games on pc.
  11. ash♤Feliz

    I'll rate your sona

    I give this a go, it seems fun.
  12. ash♤Feliz

    Free Art: Hey again! *free art time*

    My God's that drawing is a adroble, do you think can draw my bird ash like that? Art by mgmrkatze
  13. ash♤Feliz

    Vibrant paints for denim.

    So I'm going to rework on my denim jacket and i decided to go with synth style for it but i don't know any good bright or vibrant paints. so what im asking is, does anyone know good denim paint that is bright or vibrant.
  14. ash♤Feliz

    Free Art: Want some art? (closed)

    Character ref: Pose: can you do a relax kind of pose for my dragon? Link to your FA page (if you have one): Userpage of crazyjackal23 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net