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  1. Ash Sukea

    What was the last Anime/Show you watched?

    Anime: currently working my way through OddTaxi. Set in an anthro world a grumpy, independent taxi driver interacts with the characters who get in the back of his cab. And there’s a missing girl with a connection to a crime boss he might be able to figure out where she is by talking to his...
  2. Ash Sukea

    your latest purchase ! :3

    An Irish Creme and cinnamon white chocolate mocha.
  3. Ash Sukea

    What are some odd things that you do?

    I still have no idea why, whenever I have to drive through a narrow space I pull my elbows in. As if this will somehow make the car skinnier.
  4. Ash Sukea

    Vent Thread

    They Just got off work whereas I’ve been off for a couple hours. Also we both agree I’m better at it.
  5. Ash Sukea

    Vent Thread

    This is one of those laugh while I roll my eyes type of, mm, mild vents. Me: It’s about supper time, I don’t really feel like cooking but I could pop something in the oven. We’ve got pizza, pot pies, chicken strips, fish, and some Chinese, I think. Spouse: How ‘bout grilled cheese and...
  6. Ash Sukea

    What dog breed would I be?

    You’re description mostly sounds like many of the German Shepherds I’ve met(it’s that nervousness and hesitation and looking to a trusted owner for what to do about it that are the traits sought in a traditional guard dog.), though the super lazy part could describe a Great Dane, or a...
  7. Ash Sukea

    The furry above you has been grounded. Why?

    Followed proper safety procedures when dealing with electrical equipment.
  8. Ash Sukea

    You’re in Heaven!…Or are you?

    Whatever else? Here they are! ~Points to a hundred meter tall thing with multiple tentacles and eyestalks.~ Servants happily anticipate your needs.
  9. Ash Sukea

    You’re in Heaven!…Or are you?

    So let us know how it feels to be hit by them. You get to be in the rave room!
  10. Ash Sukea

    You’re in Heaven!…Or are you?

    However everyone else is still human. They’re freaking out and want to hunt you down. You’re surrounded by the celebrities and famous people you’ve always wanted to meet.
  11. Ash Sukea

    What does the user above you dream about?

    Yeah I totally copypasted a William Gibson quote then tweaked it. That’s why it’s in bold.
  12. Ash Sukea

    What does the user above you dream about?

    And in the bloodlit dark behind his eyes, sultry phoenixes bounded in from the edge of space, hyperfeatured impalas and jaguars run past like a film compiled of random kinks. Bad puns, fetishes, muzzles, a blurred, fragmented mandacity of anthropomorphical audacity.
  13. Ash Sukea

    Give the user above you a weapon of mass destruction

    Total control of all media.
  14. Ash Sukea

    Ask The User Below You Anything

    Nailed it! And maybe some writing. What competition would you be a ringer at and what would you be totally lost at doing?