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Howdy! I'm a self-taught artist from rural Alabama, and like many others, I've been scribbling since I was coordinated enough to hold a crayon. I highly prefer working with pencils and I guess you could say my artistic goal is to become a fine pencil artist.

Weapons of choice:
- graphite, mechanical pencil
- colored pencil
- charcoal (experimenting)

I am a mother, wife, income tax preparer, bookkeeper, webcomicker, website tinkerer, and freelance artist. I am very, very busy. Please understand that unless you have bought something and I am specifically creating an artwork you requested, I will not adjust any drawing or drawing style to your liking.

[ Female ][ Straight ][ Married ][ Monogamous ]
[ INTJ-A ][ 1, The Reformer ][ ♑ Capricorn ♑ ][ Yin Earth Snake ][ True Neutral ]
Appalachian Foothills
Fur Affinity Page
Income Tax Preparer, Bookkeeper, Freelance Artist


Give 100% in all you do! Unless you're giving blood.
Vegetarians eat vegetables. Beware of humanitarians.

[ My Webstory ][ My Etsy ]​



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