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    Helpful tip

    So far I've been lucky and my gryphon avatar only gets comments from the fantasy geeks. :p
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    Bra for Bat/Wyvern type character

    It seems dangerous to pierce webbing for the sake of clothing. The point of tits are to feed young, and young like to yank down whatever's in the way when they're hungry, unless bra piercings are designed for a quick release to counteract that. I don't wear bras so long as it's cool enough or...
  3. AsheSkyler


    I'm waiting for the Aussies to pop up and really put us to shame with regional slang! Them yeetin' dabbers... After my time. I was dodging emos through highschools and barely got out before the scene kids started prancing through. Don't forget the bonnet and boot of the car! Torches I'm...
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    I hear "shopping cart" closer to the cities, but I hadn't heard "shopping buggy". I'm a touch south of Huntsville, but hadn't heard "forf" before. XD One very common one I'd never heard before certain articles online was "cattywampus". Apparently, it's crookerds.
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    Alabama, again. We shall rule FA, mwahaha! Mess of greens = pot of turnip/collard/mustard greens Rurnt = ruined Fixin' to = about to Coke = any carbonated drink Buggy = shopping cart Bonus throwback to our UK roots: I reckon = I suppose/think/imagine (Or so I've gathered from conversations...
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    Bra for Bat/Wyvern type character

    Wing piercings sound very painful... No vile suppression contraption is worth that. Get 'er some pasties and call it a day. :P TVTropes has got ya covered: Non-Mammal Mammaries - TV Tropes
  7. AsheSkyler

    What's up with the word, 'Heck'?

    Doing origami on my clothes is fun, but catchphrases like that make me drop the pseudo-swears like "heck" and use the proper version of the word. >.<
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    Handsfree activities

    Board games! Minimal coordination is needed to move pieces, and with the delightful invention of mobile entertainment, there's an app for that. I'm currently getting my ass handed to me in advanced checkers.
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    Any art instagrams?

    Mine is mostly commissions and story updates: Ashe Skyler (@asheskyler) • Instagram photos and videos
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    Open Chat

    Our chickens frequently sneezed on me and used my head and shoulders as a stepladder so they could fly up to tree branches to roost for the night. Better than getting spurred, I reckon.
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    Liking Humans - is it Frowned upon..?

    To some degree it seems odd if an alternate furry universe would find humans taboo if they also had relationships with other species. A mammal dating a mammal makes more sense than a mammal/reptile or fish/amphibian pairing.
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    Artists: What Software do you Use?

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0, back before they lost their flippin' minds and went to subscriptions. In the past I've goofed off with SmoothDraw and Krita. Didn't like Sai or GIMP, so I dropped those after one use. I'm primarily a traditional artist and do 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm graphite.
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    Any MGTOW furries?

    Alright then, fine. I think all this gender/sexuality squabbling is bullshit and the more people focus on it the less likely it will ever be resolved.
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    Feelings About Were-Animal Stories

    I feel like Animorphs and kids' books probably has the lion share of these types. I'd like to see more of them for adults. Not necessarily NSFW, but a world where teenagers didn't do everything would be nice.
  15. AsheSkyler

    Any MGTOW furries?

    It's not too late for us to take over this one with more benign banter! So, what do you think of naked bulls in towels going their own way? Preferably with their backs turned so we can admire their glutes and triceps? :D (I would mention their calves, but that gets a bit creepy when bulls are...