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    To get these amazing discounts you must follow one simple rule!
    - One of the two pieces I make must be a gift for someone else.

    I can draw pretty much anything, and all pieces will be base/ flat colored.
    If you are interested feel free to DM me!
    Thank you for your follow! :) I appreciate it immensely.
    Of course!!
    Im not usually the one to start talks, but feel free to ever contact me n.n
    Hello there! Just dropping by to say I love your art, you've got a great style! Keep up the awesome work :)
    Owee!! Thanks a lot for the support <3
    Tell everybody I'm on my way
    New friends and new places to see
    With blue skies ahead
    Yes, I'm on my way
    And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be !!!

    Asdkfhklasjdfhsakf I missed this movie
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