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    How long are you willing to wait for a commission to be done?

    I've been waiting for about 1.5-2 years so far for four commissions to be done. I typically start to lose my patience around 8 months, but in my case all of the artists I commissioned (for those pieces) ran into RL problems and couldn't finish the art as of the moment. So just waiting now...
  2. Astus

    Trying to find a story i remember reading

    The story currently isn't available at the moment. I used to talk to the person who made it, and they deactivated their account and deleted their stories/art.
  3. Astus

    Personal finances: The thread

    Things I've always tried to do and has worked out so far 1. Don't have any debt. I always make sure if I buy something, I have the money to pay it off right away. This especially works for my credit card which I get cash back on. I basically get money back for buying things with money I...
  4. Astus

    Regreted Joining furry community

    The biggest thing I probably regret from joining the fandom is all the money I've spent on art xD apart from that, I've found some good friends and had some good times at cons. Finding a place where I could be accepted helped to transform me from a bitter realist into someone more compassionate...
  5. Astus

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    I'm not sure what you mean by "...talked shit about us autistic folk, even though he's an ABDL". If you're trying to say that ABDL people are all autistic as well, you would be mistaken. I do not know the numbers personally, but I would imagine it would be at most around 30-40%. In just the...
  6. Astus

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    You reference a specific individual with a specific issue. I know plenty of ABDLs who don't project insecurities, and plenty of non ABDLs who do. I think overall, people need to learn to distance people from the groups they belong to, and judge them as individuals.
  7. Astus

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    I let them learn from their mistakes, I tell them to look at the syllabus and figure it out. Then I get another email about how they don't understand the syllabus. Then I tell them we went over it the first day of class... Then I get a "okay thank you". Followed by them not submitting the...
  8. Astus

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    My students. It seems they lack the ability to problem solve even the most simple tasks. Like when their syllabus tells them when things are due... And then they email me asking each week when they are due. Driving me insane haha
  9. Astus

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    I'm not quite sure why, but I imagine it has to do with helplessness or something along the lines of what cartoons used to show. To be fair I don't quite know why people like hyper anything... But whatever floats their boat I guess lol
  10. Astus

    Name the worst fear of the user above

    Rubber duckies
  11. Astus

    Species Desirability: Physical Verses Cultural Attractiveness

    I chose a fox primarily because I would rarely see them walking alone around my house at night. I felt some sort of connection to that before, so I made my character based on those ideas (first in story form then converted to my sona).
  12. Astus

    Diaper fetish stuff, etc...

    And so another thread rises from the dead...
  13. Astus

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Oh heck... This game has gotten a lot more violent since I've last been here xD
  14. Astus

    Would you beat the Avatar above you in a fight?

    Maybe? I think it all comes down to size and what objects are within close reach of each of us. Like if there's a bottle by me, you better bet I've got the accuracy to nail someone in the head at a distance... But they seem to have some edge with spherical type objects... Hard to determine!
  15. Astus

    Predators and Prey

    So.... What's the count at now?