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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    I fully intend one of my UT2004 servers to be Invasion. I had some of my most fun moments of the game playing on the Gamers Unlimited RPG Invasion Excessive Overkill servers, and I intend on recreating it :D
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    I ran 6 servers tagged as FA servers and linked via the steam groups system, but the way I had it setup was only so that it would show up in the group servers list, but open the public players. This was good because the servers were actually used as they're still open to public play from the...
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    FA Left4Dead servers

    Yeah, I'm currently running 6 different L4D servers. Four are listed as public servers and are available to anyone to play, but should also show up as FA group servers for members to join as well (if you can get a spot... ). I'm also running two private servers, which are currently set to only...
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    That would be my machine. Nothing to write home about, but it's currently hosting six Left 4 Dead ded (hah) servers without a hitch, and I'd be more than willing to offer up my hardware and bandwidth for the community. I've also run a pretty basic GMod server on this machine as well for a long...