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    The Adventures of FaF

    Okay. Nice to see you again too, Skittle. And it's nice to see a comic artist on here doing stuff. You go, Ley.
  2. Atrak

    The Adventures of FaF

    It's right there. It's a rare opportunity, since I actually have something to advertise. Probably won't happen again though, as I don't usually repeat myself. The reason I am not commenting on what the thread is actually about is because that would probably be off-topic by now, knowing FAF...
  3. Atrak

    The Adventures of FaF

    What, a thread that is over twenty pages in a day? It's either massively derailed, is a rare gem of a thread, or contains free art. Oh, look at that. Since we're posting drawings, I might as well mention this. I have finally started doing some work for my Graphic Design class (that I actually...
  4. Atrak

    If you lead the country...

    Someone with views similar to my own. Similar, but not exactly the same.
  5. Atrak

    What is the definition of "Cool?"

    You should watch 'The Merchants of Cool.' It's a bit outdated, but still applicable.
  6. Atrak

    Does love last forever?

    Romeo and Juliet did it. By the way, care to explain just what love is, exactly? Everyone has a different view on this.
  7. Atrak

    What is "the point" at which a person is worth saving?

    Personally, for me, the only living things that I kill are fleas, brown recluse spiders, copperheads (snakes), gnats, and female mosquitoes. Also the occasional fly. Hell, when I was taking a tour of the University of Georgia, I found a wasp in the printmaking room, and I caught it and...
  8. Atrak

    If you lead the country...

    If I was in charge of America? By 'lead', do you mean actually lead, or do you mean be president? Those are two very different things. My list of things to do would be simple: 1. Introduce the guillotine to Congress. 2. Take over the world without any casualties. 3. Completely rework the...
  9. Atrak


    Heck: "Wanna yiff?" EveryFemaleFurry: "No :V ." EveryMaleFurry: "Yes, please." Heck: "I'm straight! I'm straight!" EveryMaleFurry: "Sure you are." *yiffyiffyiff*
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    If you are looking for a girlfriend that is a furry DON'T!

    4/5, actually. Like when the head chef of a restaurant dies, dying automatically takes off a star.
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    The only true impossibility is the existence of an impossibility. When you first responded, you did not think. You simply recited a popular theory and then said that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if it matters. You said that what came before the beginning can't be found out. I'm not...
  12. Atrak

    Killing Things: The Value of Animal Life.

    Yeah. Anyway, if a fly, gnat, or mosquito bugs me, I will kill it. If there are ants in the kitchen, I will kill them. If there is an insect that can sting inside the house, I will kill it. I'm not really worried about them stinging me, because I would otherwise leave them alone, but my little...
  13. Atrak

    If you are looking for a girlfriend that is a furry DON'T!

    Can we see a pic of said shirt? Crap of Jesus! So just saying it's a joke will give me the ability to blast myself through walls and deflect bullets with my skull? Faith comes in three parts. I don't have faith in anything.
  14. Atrak


    Except that clocks rely on change in gears and springs to tell time. Plus, if a clock existed in white space, it's gravity would begin to pull the white space towards it, thereby causing change. It would cease to be 'whitespace.' That would imply that Italians created the universe. What if...