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    So any other gun loving furs out there

    Probably the only thread I'll ever post in so here are my pew pew sticks. https://imgur.com/xL4qtZj I have a RRA LAR-15 1:9 twist with a shitty wally world red dot, definitely going to be the first thing I work on when I get some shekels. Iver Johnson 45. Hawk 1911 with a Baretta bobcat 21 and...
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    PSU Failure?

    If you can find buyers then go for it. Your computer sounds ancient if it's based on parts from 2003.
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    The Revolution has begun!

    You know what we need? Another Napoleon who actually got shit done. I would suggest the OP get a blood test for hemophilia as soon as possible. Tehe
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm currently playing my 2nd go through of The Witcher 2, needed to side with my bro Roche this time. Then mixing it up with some TF2 and L4D2.
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    A serial killer in your house

    I have an unsharpened sword right next to me so +1 for pointy object. Pretty fucking gay though since I have 3 guns sitting in a closet around the corner.
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    Tattoos - A Discussion.

    I have a Brotherhood of Steel tattoo from Fallout on my right shoulder. My god that was great game.... Arming that nuclear warhead behind the Master's back never gets old. Also Iguana bits is people.
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    upgrading my cpu/ Processor

    I agree that upgrading at this point would be moot, replacing the motherboard would mean exchanging most of the parts inside of the comp. You can build a decent rig for about 700$ with parts from newegg or amazon without paying for peripherals and such, GL.